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    Amish View of Education

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    Share some background and insight into the Amish culture's view of education.

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    Short Insight on the Amish Mennonites

    The Amish Mennonites are Anabaptists notable for simple living, plain dressing and resistance to the adaptation of modern conveniences (cars, electricity, appliances). The Amish traces their history with the Christian Church in Switzerland in the 17th century when their leader Jakob Amman broke away from the main Anabaptist (Christians who shun church-established traditions outside that which were declared in the Bible) group - hence the word Amish adapted from Jakob's last name. By the early 18th century, a number of Amish Mennonites sought refuge from persecution and to begin 'a new life' in the British Colonies establishing settlements in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana - States that today contain majority of the 227,000 Old Order Amish in the US. The Amish gets baptized at 16 which gives them the right to marry but only within the bounds of their own faith (marrying one of Amish faith too). As a community, they are governed and led by their Bishop aided by several deacons and ministers. The Ordnung - - rules that cover the day-to-day aspect for daily living, governs the life of every Amish including a number of prohibitions and limitations - electricity, ...

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