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College Graduates Prepardeness

Are college graduates always better prepared for the current workplace than non-college graduates? Why or why not? What differences are there in obtaining a bachelor's degree and a master's degree?

Curriculum History of Japan

Research about Japan's Curriculum History is noted. 1. In column one, show a timeline with 4 significant events in Japan's curriculum history. 2. In column two, for each of the curriculum events, state (in a sentence or two) any significant socio-cultural influences that might relate to the curriculum event. 3. In colum

The Future of Online Education Systems is debated.

This posting questions the future of distance learning in your field (including online learning and distance learning alternatives to Internet delivered instruction)? Does the future of online learning differ based on the educational setting? For instance, is the future of online education different for K-12, postsecondary,

Forced Consolidation of Small School Districts

What are the arguments for and against the forced consolidation of small school districts from a financial perspective? What sources of revenue (taxes) are the most appropriate and effective for the support of public schools and why? Which of the State funding systems for public school is the best and why? What are the

Identifying, diagnosing and assessing high risk factors for student violence

Although student school shootings of students have recently gained significant national attention, more routine forms of student violence (e.g., homicide, rape, aggravated assault, etc.) continue to plague our nation's schools and streets. These less sensational but equally harmful violent behaviors warrant appropriate response.