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    The impact of Goss v. Lopez on school districts

    Due process is the right of both the teacher and the students. Write a synopsis of the following case and explain how the ruling has affected school districts or more particularly, your own school or school district. · Goss v. Lopez, 419 U.S. 565 (1975)

    Teacher-student legal issues, discussion, analyze

    Conduct a web search of cases on teacher conduct. Locate two cases. These may not be cases that we have discussed previously in Discussion format. Discuss briefly the specifics of each case: the who, what, when, and where. What was the ruling? Do you think it was fair to the teacher? How will you use this knowledge in your

    Teachers and freedom of expression issues

    Regarding freedom of expression, the courts consider several factors as balancing the interests of a teacher with the interests of the school board: (1) The need for harmony in the school, (2) Whether the criticism injured the working relationships, (3) The time, manner, place, and context of the speech (expression),and

    Educational Finance

    State your reason for or against the following types of financial support for school choice: (a) Government vouchers that any student can use to pay tuition in any accredited school, public or private; (b) Vouchers as described in (a) but issued only to students whose families demonstrate financial need; and

    Analysis of educational case study "Hamilton High."

    case study 5.1 titled, "Hamilton High." * What roles did Hamilton High serve at various points in its history? * What factors caused those roles to change? * How could Hamilton High have been more culturally responsive to diverse student groups?

    Education Questions

    I am not sure how these questions need to be answered? I don't want to answer them incorrectly. Can you direct me in the right direction so I can address the questions correctly? Not sure of the direction I need to take. If you were hired to teach in 'high-need' schools that are located in low-income communities, how would

    Diversity education

    Read the following article: Melendez, M. (2005, April 23). Ingenuity brightens future. The Arizona Republic on the Web. http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/0423robotics23.html. include in your discussion examples of how political concerns interface with education of a selected group. Please help

    Future Curriculum Trends

    I am writing a paper on curriculum trends and I am almost done, but I need help with the following question: What will be the content of curriculum in the next 10 years? One paragraph of information should be enough. Any help will be appreciated. thanks!

    Stress Management in Schools

    I have a project to make about "Stress Management for High School Students" and the first requirement is: Definition of topic (history, current issues and/or trends). I'm already researching in articles and journals, but I need somebody to help me only with an example at least of a trend and issue in stress management to know w

    Public School Funding

    Most public schools are supported financially by district, state, and federal government agencies. I identify the roles each of these agencies local schools. Which agency do has the most significant influence over policy and curriculum decisions for local schools? Why?

    Evolution of school and immigration

    As education moved into the 20th century, how did immigration affect the public school system? Discuss how parochial and private schools assisted in the education of the new immigrants.

    Federal government in education.

    Do you think that federal government involvement in education is beneficial? Why or why not? Why is it important to learn the history of education? Thank you.

    Curriculum as an educational issue

    Please help me write an article review. Include how the issue addressed might affect one's educational setting. See attached file for full problem description.

    Two articles are reviewed for Education Library and Information Studies.

    The articles reviews examine the following core components: Introductions, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion. What are the focuses/topics of the articles you have selected? What is the primary research questioner hypothesis of this research project? How are they different? Discuss the research artic

    College Graduates Prepardeness

    Are college graduates always better prepared for the current workplace than non-college graduates? Why or why not? What differences are there in obtaining a bachelor's degree and a master's degree?

    Curriculum History of Japan

    Research about Japan's Curriculum History is noted. 1. In column one, show a timeline with 4 significant events in Japan's curriculum history. 2. In column two, for each of the curriculum events, state (in a sentence or two) any significant socio-cultural influences that might relate to the curriculum event. 3. In colum

    The Future of Online Education Systems is debated.

    This posting questions the future of distance learning in your field (including online learning and distance learning alternatives to Internet delivered instruction)? Does the future of online learning differ based on the educational setting? For instance, is the future of online education different for K-12, postsecondary,

    Forced Consolidation of Small School Districts

    What are the arguments for and against the forced consolidation of small school districts from a financial perspective? What sources of revenue (taxes) are the most appropriate and effective for the support of public schools and why? Which of the State funding systems for public school is the best and why? What are the

    Identifying, diagnosing and assessing high risk factors for student violence

    Although student school shootings of students have recently gained significant national attention, more routine forms of student violence (e.g., homicide, rape, aggravated assault, etc.) continue to plague our nation's schools and streets. These less sensational but equally harmful violent behaviors warrant appropriate response.