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    Analysis of educational case study of American HSchool

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    case study 5.1 titled, "Hamilton High."

    * What roles did Hamilton High serve at various points in its history?
    * What factors caused those roles to change?
    * How could Hamilton High have been more culturally responsive to diverse student groups?

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    This assignment is an analysis of an article, and requires frequent reference to the article's statements to prove that you read and understood the content of the article, which is the object of the assignment. Your posting did not address any of the writing requirements, so be sure to refer to those before submitting your assignments because MLA or APA formatting has requirements regarding the wording and/or structure of your essay. If such constraints are not part of your assignment, please disregard. At any rate, I will address the content issues the posting specifies.

    This first part is the summary of the reading, where you are to identify the roles that the school has fulfilled, and the factors which caused these roles to change during the school's history.
    Hamilton High School mirrors the life cycle of many schools in America which have been open long enough to experience them. The article discusses these changes as occurring in four distinct phases. First, the school functioned as a neighborhood school which reflected its geographical and social location. The families who formed the population base of the school were not a diverse group, but were generally of one race (Caucasian), one socio-ecenomic group (mid-to-upper middle class) and one religion (Protestant). This WASP (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) population had few disagreements among themselves, and were focused on the "American way" of the post-war era. That meant they had a strong work ethic, moral values they agreed upon as a religious group, and the desire to succeed socially and economically. The article cites their biggest issues among the student body as being minor ones: a decline in school ...

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    Analysis of educational case study of high school culture change through American social history, OTA commentary, explanation and analysis, no model sample response.