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Successful and Fast Change Management: Case Study

Complete a review of the case study found here http://www.fm-kp.si/zalozba/ISSN/1581-6311/8_079-096.pdf that includes the following information:

1) A description of the research

2) An analysis of the criteria and methods used to effectively lead change

3) A discussion on characteristics and personal traits that are important in managing change

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Step 1
The case study is Change Management in Adult Educational Organizations: A Slovenian Case Study. The description of the research is that it is a multiple qualitative case study. In this research every individual case is contemplated as a single case and finally as a whole. The study seeks to find general recognition that fit all the cases. The case studies were done at three educational organizations and in them there were three different sources of information. The exact transcripts of interviews were used and there was precise organization of material to develop the records of each case. The actual research was carried out on headmasters, their deputies in all three educational institutions and seven professionals, three from the educational institutions and one from an educational center. The sample selection was intentional based on the assumption that the investigator wanted to discover, ...

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This solution explains how a case study in change management's research was carried out and what traits in leadership lead to fast successful change. The sources used are also included in the solution. 564 words.