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    Resources Available for Nursing Studies

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    Identify a potential research study example from any of these resources.

    Nursing research is a multi-faceted academic setting with myriad sources of information available for nurses to access. The primary sources available to nurses are:

    - Journals
    - Research Hospital Data Centers
    - Nursing Colleges / Universities
    - Private Nursing Institutes
    - Professional Nursing Organizations - Such as the American Nurses Association
    - Specialist Data Bases such as orthopedic or cancer centers

    Please summarize the study example that you find using one of these resources.

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    Revisiting the American Nurses Association's First Position on Education for Nurses: a comparative analysis of the first and second position statements on the education of nurses... This article is an update of an article previously published in OJIN on May 31, 2002 by Donley & Flaherty entitled, Revisiting the American Nurses Association's First Position on Education For Nurses. (includes abstract) Donley R; Flaherty MJ; Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 2008 May; 13 (2).

    American Nurses ...

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