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    Diversity education

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    Read the following article: Melendez, M. (2005, April 23). Ingenuity brightens future. The Arizona Republic on the Web. http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/0423robotics23.html.

    include in your discussion examples of how political concerns interface with education of a selected group.

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    First of all, this article, "Ingenuity brightens future," strongly exemplifies how political, educational, social, diversity, and socioeconomic concerns, forces, and even opposition strongly interface with the educational and equitable achieving of minorities, mainly Hispanics and immigrants, as portrayed in this article.

    Although the article offers hope as it details how four Phoenix migrant youths beating MIT students in a robotics competition, the author adamantly seems to expose how many other Hispanic or immigrant students sadly do not get that potential or opportunity to pursue higher education in America or jobs of their choice due to lack of equitable opportunities in educational and in overall life based on their race and social statuses.

    The article further reflects ...

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