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    After reading the article by Clayton-Pedersen, O'Neill, and Musil (2009) (Clayton-Pedersen, A. R., O'Neill, N., & Musil, C. M. (2006). Making excellence inclusive: A framework for embedding diversity and inclusion into colleges and universities' academic excellence mission. Retrieved from http://www.aacu.org/inclusive_excellence/documents/MEIPaperLastRevised12308.pdf), write a 3- to 4-page essay elaborating on what making excellence inclusive in education means, and discuss why diversity is the core dimension of educational excellence.

    The following items will be assessed:

    What does making excellence inclusive in education mean?
    Why is diversity the core dimension of educational excellence?

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    What does making excellence inclusive in education mean?

    Making Excellence Inclusive represents the principle that guides education institutions in their attempt to ensure that all students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities have the same quality access to education as whites and more affluent ...

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    The expert examines making excellence inclusive in education.