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    demographic trend or an issue related to diversity

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    Select a demographic trend or an issue related to diversity. Research your topic and write a paper, describing the trend or issue and analyzing its impact on adult education or corporate training programs. Include 3 references.

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    Diversity Issues in Higher Education

    In 1948, President Truman called for the desegregation of the United States Military in his Executive Order 9981. Stating the highest standards of democracy in our armed forces is required. That no one in the armed forces shall be ill treated based on race, color, or national origin. A special committee, known as the Presidents Committee, consisted of seven members designated by the President of the United States.

    In 1954, the United States Supreme Court ruled the "separate educational facilities are inherently unequal" in Brown vs. Board of Education. This decision affected at least 21 states at the time when segregating classrooms no longer had legal precedence. A new beginning would start with the relationship of race and the United States.

    In 1962, The University of Mississippi vs. James Meredith changed more than just the campus admissions policies, but also the policies nationwide. Meredith was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force who was denied admission to the University of Mississippi by the admissions office and the more outspoken Governor Ross Barnett. Despite the requests of President John F. Kennedy, it took approximately 18 months of argument in the United States Supreme Court to allow James Meredith admissibility into the University of Mississippi.

    The time history started to be written, is the time when man started towards equality. Looking for what he thought was fair. Twisted at times it may be; the equality of man has been the fore front of the world's historical reasoning. The equality requested in the Bill of Rights, the equality of Women's Rights, the equality of Civil ...

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    Select a demographic trend or an issue related to diversity.