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    Voucher discussion for public, private and parochial schools

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    State your reason for or against the following types of financial support for school choice:

    (a) Government vouchers that any student can use to pay tuition in any accredited school, public or private;

    (b) Vouchers as described in (a) but issued only to students whose families demonstrate financial need;

    and (c) No vouchers for private or parochial school, though students are free to choose any public school they would like.

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    Your posting does not state what formatting protocol you are supposed to use for this assignment, whether APA, MLA or other - each system requires various word and formatting choices, especially for any references that you might cite. Please double-check your document and citations to be sure you are in line with the course requirements. If this is not part of your assignment, please disregard.

    The assignment allows you to choose, in each instance of the three subparts (a through c), whether you agree or disagree (support or oppose) the use of government vouchers (or more specifically, using taxpayer dollars) to provide financial support for school choice. It does not matter here whether you agree or disagree, as there is not a "correct" answer here. Either position is correct, IN LIGHT OF the reasons that you specify and explain for your position. You must provide sound, logical and well-supported reasons for your position, either pro or con - whichever position you choose to defend.

    I suggest that you begin your paper with a paragraph which contains a purpose statement. A purpose statement explains to your reader what they will discover while reading this paper. Sometimes this opening paragraph is called an introduction, as it "introduces" your reader to the topic of the paper. Yours might read:

    The quality of public education in the United States has been under scrutiny for some time. One sensitive component of the quality debate has been school choice, or allowing students to choose which school they want to attend, rather than requiring them to attend a particular school because of where they live, as is the current policy. The idea, of course, is that students will choose to attend the better-performing schools, thus providing poorer-quality schools with the incentive to improve themselves ...

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    A discussion of the pros and cons of government vouchers for public, private and parochial schools, and possible stakeholder views regarding their use in various situations of student financial need.