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    Government involvement in education & importance of history

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    Do you think that federal government involvement in education is beneficial? Why or why not?

    Why is it important to learn the history of education?

    Thank you.

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    Question 1:
    Results, that is what the government wants to see in order for statistics to be shown as to how wonderful we are doing in this country (as a whole of course!). By using a scientific method of instruction those results can be found and recorded. With further academic study of curriculum by educators improvements may be found in how students learn, retain information, or how students may achieve better scores on the required governmental testing. As further governmental restrictions on funding and the running of schools occurs options to improve the student's achievements are slimmed. This creates a bigger problem for the students and the government as the student will not retain the information, become literate, become a standing and intelligent citizen and the government will not be able to prove that their current method of standardized testing works thus creating discontentment with the general public. By research and study of how students learn, how to create curriculum that will help the students achieve the goals everyone would win.

    (you believe federal government involvement is a good thing, I personally do not, so I will also include my write up for my ...

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    This discusses the pros and cons of governmental involvement in education. Another aspect of this answer talks about the importance of history in education.