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Public Schools

Transitions in school are briefly advised.

Name two specific strategies for easing a transition from middle school to high school, K12 to postsecondary education, or for a special needs adult starting a new job.

Separation of church and state in schools?

Address the current church/state debate in schools. Defend your rationale. The debate about the separation of church and state in schools has been Expertly answered, detailed answer to this question!

Entry essay into a christian high school

Please help with the following problem. I need an essay to help my niece in Vietnam to be admitted to a ninth grade at a Christian high school in the United States. The essay should express the reasons she wants to study at that school in terms of her interests (she is interested in the academic curriculum of the school as w

THE ASCA National Model is assessed.

Describe generl experience as a high school student with your school counselors. You are encouraged to include and specific experiences that may be relevant; but if so, be sure not to use the names of individuals or specific schools. Briefly assess whether and how the major tenets of the ASCA National Model were and were not

Define adequate progress according to the courts.

What is the definition of adequate progress according to the courts? How does your district address adequate progress? Compare and contrast how your district addresses adequate progress and how the courts have defined adequate progress.

Schools' Responsibility to Protect Student Rights

The fourth Amendment to the Constitution safeguards citizens from intrusive searches by the government. This includes protecting students in public schools from being searched unreasonably, since school officials are considered government officials for Fourth Amendment purposes. This ruling can make it very difficult for schools

History and Education

What impact has history had on education? What influences are still impacting education today? What time period or historical educational movement do you believe still impacts schools today. Explain why.

What are the objectives of education for individuals and the nation?

After reading Paul Gagnon's (1995) article "What Should Children Learn" and my own experiences, I believe the objectives of education are to make the nation more economically competitive and prosperous. Having graduated high school from a public school without attaining the knowledge of subjects like chemistry or any foreign lan

What are its advantages and disadvantages of high stakes testing for students with LD? How does one address the assessment of students with learning disabilities with regard to the requirements of district and state testing for promotion and graduation?

Explain high-stakes testing and the rationales of its supporters and opponents. What are its advantages and disadvantages for students with LD? How does one address the assessment of students with learning disabilities with regard to the requirements of district and state testing for promotion and graduation?

The Importance of Mainstreaming In Today's Public Schools

Question: What is the impact of philosophy, history, litigation, or legislation on the understanding of learning disabilities (LD), its definition, identification practices, and prevalence? Use specific examples to illustrate your point.

High Stakes Testing

What high - stakes testing is administered in your local school district or your state? Related issues surrounding the test and ethical issues. What do you consider the top three issues in testing and explain how you might deal with these issues in the classroom? What factors might influence your decisions?

Courts and Schools

There are many issues that involve the courts protecting the rights of individuals within the public schools. One of the issues involving the courts is: â?¢ Teachersâ?? Rights â?" Pickering v. Board of Education of Township High School (1967), Russo v. Central School Distric No. 1 (1972), Palmer v. Board of Education (197

Please provide a substantial response to this issue. "Managing the money raised for student activities can be one of the biggest headaches facing a school administrator. It can also be the ruination of a promising career." React to this statement and discuss.

Managing School Money "Managing the money raised for student activities can be one of the biggest headaches facing a school administrator. It can also be the ruination of a promising career." This raised many opinions in our class. I would like your thoughts to this with citations for support. React to this statement and di

The Common School

1. How could social, political, and/or economic goals serve as filtering and ordering mechanisms in the development of school curricula today? 2. Give specific examples of #1 question; perhaps you can share insights that you gained in conversations with teachers or students. 3. Did the attached document (The Common School

changes in public school education for ESOL children

What should change in public school education for esol children (whose main language is not english)? We need to remind people of the importance of bi lingual education so what can a teacher do to help a situation where the principal at school does not want to make changes to help the esol students?

A comparison of spending in schools and prisons.

The amount spent per student in public school education averages at just over $9,000. The exact figures according to Public Education Finances: 2006 is $9,138 spent on average per student in the United States. The web link below puts the amount at over $9,500.

Operational Research Hypothesis

Hypothesis this is two hypothesis that I turned for my instructor to view. However my teacher states that the hypothesis need to be stated in testable form. This means they must be operationalized. The two hypothesis I used are. 1. Inclusion, mainstreaming and pull-out options in the public school system benefit autis

Rights of Teachers

Discuss three to five United States Supreme Court decisions that have affected teachers' rights and responsibilities. How did these decisions affect the ability of your school administration to lead within your educational community? Give examples from your own teaching experience where appropriate.

Roles of Education Leaders

Research the role of education leaders in critique and reform of education using databases eLibrary, locating six to eight articles to support your position. (1) Who controls the schools? Who makes the policies that govern schools? Who determines the ethical, social, and economic goals of education? Who sets the curriculum

History of education

1. Identify three racial and or cultural groups and detail two ways each group has impacted our schools. 2. Name, and explain how, two court decisions have impacted American education. 3. Identify three ways the federal government has shared in the creation of American schools

The impact of Goss v. Lopez on school districts

Due process is the right of both the teacher and the students. Write a synopsis of the following case and explain how the ruling has affected school districts or more particularly, your own school or school district. · Goss v. Lopez, 419 U.S. 565 (1975)

Teacher-student legal issues, discussion, analyze

Conduct a web search of cases on teacher conduct. Locate two cases. These may not be cases that we have discussed previously in Discussion format. Discuss briefly the specifics of each case: the who, what, when, and where. What was the ruling? Do you think it was fair to the teacher? How will you use this knowledge in your

Teachers and freedom of expression issues

Regarding freedom of expression, the courts consider several factors as balancing the interests of a teacher with the interests of the school board: (1) The need for harmony in the school, (2) Whether the criticism injured the working relationships, (3) The time, manner, place, and context of the speech (expression),and

Educational Finance

State your reason for or against the following types of financial support for school choice: (a) Government vouchers that any student can use to pay tuition in any accredited school, public or private; (b) Vouchers as described in (a) but issued only to students whose families demonstrate financial need; and

Analysis of educational case study "Hamilton High."

case study 5.1 titled, "Hamilton High." * What roles did Hamilton High serve at various points in its history? * What factors caused those roles to change? * How could Hamilton High have been more culturally responsive to diverse student groups?

Education Questions

I am not sure how these questions need to be answered? I don't want to answer them incorrectly. Can you direct me in the right direction so I can address the questions correctly? Not sure of the direction I need to take. If you were hired to teach in 'high-need' schools that are located in low-income communities, how would

Diversity education

Read the following article: Melendez, M. (2005, April 23). Ingenuity brightens future. The Arizona Republic on the Web. include in your discussion examples of how political concerns interface with education of a selected group. Please help