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Courts and Schools

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There are many issues that involve the courts protecting the rights of individuals within the public schools. One of the issues involving the courts is:

â?¢ Teachersâ?? Rights â?" Pickering v. Board of Education of Township High School (1967), Russo v. Central School Distric No. 1 (1972), Palmer v. Board of Education (1979)

Pls. address the followings regarding the above court case in YOUR OWN WORDS:

1. State and summarize the history of this issue;
2. What are the arguments for and against this issue? In other words, what are the two sides of the issue facing the courts?
3. Give personal opinion on this issue explaining the reason to favor a specific side.

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1.Pickering vs. Board of Education was a case where the United States Supreme Court ruled that without proof of teacher intentionally making false statements that he had a right to speak out on issues relevant to the public without being dismissed from his position.

In 1961, the Township Board of Education asked the voters of the Township High School District 205 to vote in favor of a bond issue to raise over $4 million dollars to build two new schools. The proposal was defeated. Nearly a year later the Board of Education submitted a bond proposal to the voters for over $5 million dollars to build two schools. This time the proposal was passed and the schools were built using that money. In May 1964, the Board proposed and submitted to the voters a tax rate increase for educational purposes. The voters completely voted against this. Five months later the Board of Education submitted another proposal to increase the tax rate and that was also defeated.

Before the vote on the September 1964 tax rate proposal, the local newspaper published several newspaper articles that came courtesy of the District 205 Teachers' Organization. These articles persuaded the passage ...

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This solution provides a discussion of one case that portrayed the court system attempting to protect the rights of people who work in the public schools:Pickering vs. Board of Eduaction of Township (1967), Russo v. Central School District (1967). It includes a summary of the issue and the personal arguments for and against this issue.