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Student Health Services

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Discuss the differences between health services and medical services as stipulated by the courts. Discuss a typical student needing health services and a typical student needing medical services. How do schools make the distinction between the two?

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Based on the stipulation of the courts, there are distinct differences between health services and medical services. In general, medical services have been found to be those services that include what doctors and nurses etc., can provide for an individual. Surgery, prescriptions for medications, burn treatment, x-rays, etc., are examples of what can be provided through medical services. But health care on the other hand, includes a variety of services provided by individuals such as nutritionists, ...

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Community Health Advocacy Project

Design a data collection tool that can be used with your aggregate population. Make sure the tool contains the following:

Demographics name, birth date, ethnicity, sex, education level, and so forth
The questions that you came up with in Part One and any others that you feel would apply
Two additional questions that would be consistent with the goals of Healthy People 2020
Data from reliable sources that answers each of the questions you asked

Include data points with two levels of data for each, if you cannot find two points, a data gap exists.
my aggregate is pregnant adolescents and my questions are:
1. What type of programs might be most effective at bringing down U.S. teenage fertility rates?
2. Do school-based clinics help to reduce teenage birthrates?
3. Can unintended pregnancies among teenagers be avoided if sexually active teenagers used contraception?
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