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    This posting addresses pay for performance in healthcare

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    In health care, most physicians and facilities are paid for services rendered instead of the quality of the performance, known as pay for performance.
    Current trends in consumerism may change the way health care professionals are paid. Do you think it will get to a point where they are only paid for performance? Support your position.

    Please list sources and references.

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    Absolutely not, although this may sound like it could be an ideal situation in the U.S., the reality of it will never happen. People in the U.S. spend more on health care services than anywhere in the world. The medical care providers bill insurance companies for per-service charges, just as they bill patients who need to pay ...

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    The solution provides a good discussion examining if consumerism and pay for performance in health care will get to a point where health care providers are only paid for performance. References are also included.