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    United States: Healthcare and Insurance

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    Currently most health insurance operates on a fee-for-service payment schedule. However, with healthcare's ever-evolving structure, perhaps a different model would be more beneficial to promote improved health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Knowing this, how would you change and improve the U.S. healthcare system as it relates to health insurance?

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    Since healthcare is already shifting from a disease-oriented system toward a wellness-based healthcare system, I propose insurance companies take it one step further and pay providers based on outcome of care. Currently provider reimbursement is based on a fee-for-service system that promotes patient over-treatment and lacks incentive for providers to more efficiently coordinate a ...

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    This solution discusses the current state of healthcare insurance in the United States, which typically operates on a fee-for-service payment schedule. It also addresses potential changes and improvements that could be made to the United States healthcare insurance system to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.