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    Best and Worst Healthcare Systems

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    I am being asked to compare the healthcare system and management options of the United States with any other country.

    I have to select one feature from each country's system that in your opinion is the most effective in providing comprehensive patient care. In addition, find one feature from each that is the least effective (opinion).

    Support and defend your findings.

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    I chose the US and Canada.
    Canada has Universal Healthcare. All citizens are afforded health care and the health care premiums are paid for by the citizens themselves through their taxes. Not all citizens of the United States have health care. Those who are afforded healthcare purchase it through their places of employment, through government subsidy programs, through the purchase of private insurance policies or the individual is on Medicare or Medicaid.
    In the United States, many doctors and hospitals are "for profit." In Canada, no doctors or hospitals are considered "for profit," their goal is to heal the patient.
    Many Americans do not go to the doctor because they cannot afford to go. No Canadian citizen refrains from going to the doctor due to financial reasons.
    "The Canadian population considers health care a top priority. Few ...

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    The solution discusses the best and worst of two healthcare systems. Canada is compared to the US healthcare system.