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Financial Ratios

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Discuss why one should use caution when using financial ratios for analyzing a healthcare organizationâ??s current financial position and future viability. Can you give an example for support?

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//The assessment of the performance of an organization is very much essential for the purpose of identifying the major areas that needs improvement. The financial ratios is one such tool that will be useful not only in analyzing the performance of an organization, but also in comparing it with that of the other players operating in the market. The following section discusses about the importance of analyzing the financial ratios in context of a Healthcare organization//.

Financial ratios are an important way of analyzing the performance of an organization in comparison to that of the other major operators in the same line of business. There are various types of ratios that are helpful in assessing all the major areas of business. The importance of assessing such ratios is useful in all ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 496 words with references.

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