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Pay for performance and physicians

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A second major trend described in Ransom is Pay for Performance (P4P) to replace the current system of "fee for service."

Should P4P be directed only or mainly toward physicians? Hospitals? Administrator? Nursing staff?

What are some issues that might come up with Pay for Performance?

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The following posting helps with problems involving pay for performance and physicians.

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The Pay for Performance (P4P) approach was recently developed under the Affordable Care Act. Although it was originally designed to be quite beneficial to the healthcare field, it has received a lot of criticism. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made it clear that there are plans to do away with fee for service plans and replace it with P4P. It is currently being widely adopted. There have been mixed reactions to this proposal.

Currently, most physicians are paid on a fee for service basis meaning that they are paid based on volume of care. In other words, they are paid for each service they perform. Providers decide on the charge for each patient visit, which puts a lot of money in their pockets. On the other hand, the patients insurance company winds up paying a percentage of the charge. There's a belief that fee for service payments increase healthcare costs and decrease the value ...

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