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Performance incentives to promote health lifestyles

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During the recent Employee Opinion Survey, the radiology department received a Tier 3 rating. Due to the low score, an HR consultant and the department leaders met with staff to obtain clarification about the survey responses. At the top of the list was a desire for performance incentives to stimulate effort. Employees wanted to be rewarded for meeting performance goals. Currently, performance incentives are used for physicians only.

1. the value of performance incentives as a tool to motivate employees in healthcare organizations

2. examples of performance incentives used in healthcare organizations (must list at least 2 types of performance incentives)

3. an action plan to make an incentive plan reality

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Performance incentives are fast becoming standard in many companies. In order to motivate employees to meet or exceed performance objectives many employees not only desire but expect performance incentives. These incentives can have both positive and negative outcomes.

1. Performance incentives can benefit organizations by creating a healthy competitive atmosphere with the promise of some kind of reward for producing and maintaining a certain level of performance.

2. ...

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