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    High Stakes Testing and the LD Student

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    Explain high-stakes testing and the rationales of its supporters and opponents. What are its advantages and disadvantages for students with LD? How does one address the assessment of students with learning disabilities with regard to the requirements of district and state testing for promotion and graduation?

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    High stakes testing has been introduced as one way to raise the bar and encourage teachers to help students reach higher proficiency levels in core subject areas. It is the centerpiece of NCLB and one of the biggest educational reform efforts we've seen in the past two decades.
    The reliability of high stakes testing has been heavily debated. The advocates of these types of tests claim that creating and implementing tests will help students achieve more during a school year. These tests would also give schools, districts, and states the opportunity to compare their results and share success strategies. This would strengthen education as a whole and not only in some parts of the nation. Additionally, advocates point to research that shows a strong correlation between high and low stakes test results. This shows the tests are reliable indicators of what a student has learned and that the results also are good indicators of score gains from year to year. Advocates also point out that having high stakes tests will motivate schools, teachers, administrators, and community members to get involved in actively improving schools. Using universal high stakes tests will also unify testing policies and procedures. This is needed so adequate comparisons can be made and action plans can be created to help specific schools improve.
    Those who oppose ...

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    The pros and cons of high stakes testing are explained. Also, how high stakes tests affect LD students is explored.