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    21st CCLC for Virginia

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    I need information about required reports or audits of an existing grant at the school.
    Outline the following:
    •What are the requirements of the report or audit?
    •What are the timelines and reporting periods—such as quarterly, semi-annually, or annually—that must be followed?
    •What consequences are imposed by the granting agency if reports are late or inaccurate?
    •How is the information to be presented in the report or audit gathered and tracked? What systems are in place at the school to have this information available when needed?
    •What staff members, other than the preparer of the report, are involved in providing information and data? How are these people made aware of the reporting or auditing requirements? How are they involved in its preparation?
    •Who authorizes the final submission?
    •What legal and ethical obligations do you face in managing the allocation of these funds?

    The schools here are closed for winter break and I am not able to interview school principal, grants manager, or internship site supervisor. Would you please help me? I need to write 1,000- to 1,250-word overview of the experience and your analysis based on these questions.

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    Alright, I have been working on this off and on for the past day. The grant I looked at was the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant (21st CCLC) for schools in Virginia. This is a grant awarded to the stated by the federal government, and then the states give funds to certain school districts. The funds are to implement a 3 year program to enrich before and after school programs.

    The requirements of the reports depend on which report is being submitted. There are three main different kinds of reports. There is the General Monitoring Document (GMD), which is due between March and May. This document is only required for schools within certain districts. This document requires information on program information, verification of submission of other reports, perceived strengths, staff interaction information, and perceived challenges. There is also the On-Site Monitoring report. This report is completed by the University of Memphis' Center for Research in Education Policy (CREP) and is due between April and June. The ...

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    An overview of required reports for the 21st CCLC grant for Virginia.