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Local Government Public Policy

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? Virginia or Texas Local Government
1,600 word paper assessing that government's financial health.
Describe the government's capital project, general, and proprietary funds.
Analyze the budget.

What are the main revenue sources?
Describe the budgetary levels. Are items budgeted at the department level, program level, or another level?
Describe the long- and short-range spending plans.
Explain how public policy translates into the government's and long- and short-range spending plans.


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The expert examines the local government public policy.

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Virginia: Budget Analysis & Public Policy

The local government of Virginia is responsible to make the capital, proprietary and general budget for the welfare of public. These budgets helps to analyze the financial effectiveness of the local government to increase the welfare of the public in particular state. To access the financial health of local government and to measure the impact of local governments' public policy the budget documents, comprehensive annual financial report etc, are quite significant. This paper analyzes the financial health of Virginia by reviewing the capital, proprietary and general budget as well as its comprehensive annual financial report. Virginia has a biennial budgeting process. It takes several months and involvement of state agencies, legislatures and public.
Capital Projects, General and Proprietary Funds
The capital projects of local government include several capital projects related to the welfare of the public of Virginia. The capital projects are related to the administration, health, education, natural resources, public transportation and public health. These projects include the expansion of universities, colleges and educational institutes to increase the education system effectiveness while the administration capital projects include development of parking area for the convenience of the public (Kaine , 2005). The educational, health, and natural resource capital projects show that the financial position of the local government are quite significant as it spending a huge amount on these components of capital projects.
General fund could be described as the fund that includes all revenues, receipts, expenditures that other than the items that require a separate fund specially. This fund includes the fund that is necessary to perform day to day activities of local government (Crawford & Loyd, 2008). The general fund of Virginia government include transfer of sales tax, transfer of IDEA fund, transfer from the budget reduction plan, the transfer of the amount from the sale of real property etc. Collection of indirect costs, court debt collections, recovery of administrative and tax compliance cost and other non-general fund transfer are the important part or receipts of general fund of Virginia government (Kaine, Brown & Moll, 2009). On the other hand, expenses include the transfer of sales tax collection to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for sporting goods and watercraft.
The proprietary fund includes the operation that is used in the similar manner as used in private business enterprises. In other words, it can be defined as the fund that is used for the services or goods that helps to recover this money from the user charges (Ruppel, 2009). Following are ...

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