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    Public policy/public housing in Washington, D.C.

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    Select a public policy that directly impacts the local government in the area where your organization is located. You should select a policy that impacts in some way the local government in the area where your work is located. (The private sector is affected by federal, state, and local policies.) Conduct research on this policy in the Library and on the Internet.

    a. Define public policy.
    b. Describe your local government as it impacts your work environment. Explain how the state in which you work affects the policies of your local government.
    c. Describe the public policy you selected and how it affects your local government. Identify all stakeholders affected by this policy.
    d. Explain how the policy you selected was established.
    e. Explain the role of the policy analyst in interpreting public policy and give a brief overview of any interpretations of the policy you selected.
    Evaluate the need for public administrators to engage in policy analysis. What advantages were gained as a result of the analysis of the policy you selected?

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    Public Policy, Housing, Washington, D. C., National government
    I cannot write your paper for you, but I think that you have a good deal of information to use about public housing and how it is dealt with in Washington, D.C. and the federal government. There is no state government, so the issue is local and with a national focus since the city has so many poor along with the government people.

    I would first review the information at the following website: http://www.narpac.org/PWH.HTM
    This deals directly with the issues on a local basis. It is interesting that the public housing there falls under the public works department. Especially since Public works is often the least often funded and lowest value in a budget. Without the backup of state money, this is a real problem. In Florida, much of the public housing is funded by state and federal monies with little coming from local agencies.

    Another interesting aspect for Washington is the HOPE VI that was the outcome of a committee charged with finding a plan to help the seriously stressed public housing programs. Information on this can be found at :http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/programs/ph/hope6/
    and : http://www.urban.org/publications/411002.html

    Both of these have information on funding and ...

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    Public housing is a federal government policy that impacts local government.