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Related Aspects of Public Policy

1. What public policy trend do you consider most significant at the federal, state, and local levels? Why?

2. If you could change only one limitation on a public administrator's ability to respond to public policy issues, what would it be? Why?

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Most Significant Public Policy Trend

In present, the prominent public policy trends and instruments from all around the world are meeting with the socio-economic and environmental effects furthered in the Social Economy. These public policy trends assist Local, State and Federal level government in reacting to the nowadays social, economic and environmental challenges that they and their citizens confront. The most significant trend at all governmental level is the development of social infrastructure as in present it is gaining due importance because of its consideration as a level of well-being of a nation (Public Policy Trends and Instruments supporting the Social Economy: International Experiences, 2010).
The government of the country at Local, State and Federal level give prominent importance to the ...

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