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Effective Public Schools

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What level of choice and/or local control should be afforded to parents and school districts and to what extent should established standards and policies be put in operation to ensure equitable, effective, and efficient public schools?

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Schools need the adhere to the desires and wishes of the communities they serve to a certain extent, but must still possess the autonomy to effectively and consistently carry out needed policies and reforms. Therefore, when asking how much control should be afforded to parents and school districts it must be a balance struck between the credible concerns and suggestions of the parents of the students as well as the necessary administrative functions of the schools themselves. The key is to ensure that the best officials possible are employed to prevent malfeasance and to ensure that the parent's children's best interests are always looked out for. If this does not happen then parents should have the ability through procedural means to voice their concerns and dissent toward the school's districts officials not adhering to ensuring their children's best interests in learning are being met.

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