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    Developing College-Directed Attitudes in High School

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    Dan is the English Department Chair at a high school in suburban Seattle. The school's administration has made a conscious effort to shift the school's mission from simply getting kids to graduate to instead being a true college preparatory high school. As part of this mission, the school's Principal has told all Department Chairs that all teachers in each department will be expected to address college-readiness creatively in their classrooms. The Principal expects teachers to discuss their own college experiences with their students and to weave information relevant to college attendance into their units. Dan wants this to extend to the class culture as well, and believes that the physical space in the classroom should also reflect the focus on college-readiness.

    Suggest three changes Dan can have all teachers in the department make in an effort to emphasize the new college-directed attitude of the school. Consider both changes in the curriculum as well as changes in the physical space (classrooms, hallways, etc.) of the school.

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    Dan should first have teachers collaborate with curriculum designers to create a program that focuses on collegiate English courses. The curriculum should prepare students for the rigors of collegial English by enabling them to practice college English during their high school ...

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