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Nuture vs Nature in Developing Good Students

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Heather Kim has conducted research that has found that South Asian students are very successful in U.S. schools. She found that children of parents who had college degrees or higher performed best on tests. I do agree with her findings. The high schools in the district that our daughter attends are part of a "high school only" district. It is commonly known that one of our high schools, Troy High, is where the Asian children go. It is a common understanding that the pressure to succeed there is much greater than at the other schools and that an "A- "is an unacceptable grade. I think that the Asian culture places a greater emphasis on education and doing well than other cultures. That's not to say that other cultures don't feel education is important, it just seems more important to Asian families. I have kindergarten students who are Asian and they attend special schools on Saturday to continue their education.

As for the comment that Asian children do better because their parents have a college education or higher, I think that applies to all children whose parents have a college degree or higher no matter what the culture. Any child who grows-up in a home that values education will value that education and seek higher-level degrees as well.

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The age old question is whether nature or nurture is credited to the ultimate success and drive of students. According to work done by researcher Heather Kim, South Asian students were ...

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Higher test scores and and why Asian students have a reputation of excelling in academics is discussed.