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    Nature vs. Nurture

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    Which one of the following do you think plays a greater part in development: nature or nurture? Why?

    What are the universal core symptoms of depression? What are some of the variations that exist in symptoms of depression across cultures? Why do you think that there are both core symptoms and varying symptoms of depression across cultures?

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    Nature refers to the range of traits, capacities, and limitations that each person inherits genetically from his/her parents at the moment of conception. These traits include physical traits and intellectual traits. Nuture refers to all the environmental influences that come into play after one is conceived, beginning with the mothers' health during pregnancy and running through all one's experience with and learning in the outside world.Both nature and nuture play an equal role in shaping who we are. There has been a great deal of debate over which plays a greater role in development. While physical traits such as eye color and hair color are determined by specific genes encoded in each human cell, the nature theory of development suggests that more abstract traits such as intelligence, aggression, and sexual orientation are also encoded in a person's DNA. Although this debate still continues there has been evidence to suggest that both factors plays partial roles in shaping human ...

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    The following solution refers to nature vs. nuture and explains their equal roles in shaping human development. It also contains a description of the universal core symptoms of depression.