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    NIke and Customization and College Student Attitudes

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    Briefly describe your attitude towards Nike and Nike products.
    Assume you wanted to improve or create favorable attitudes among college students toward the Nike brand. Would you focus primarily on the affective, conative, or cognitive components? Why?
    Why would Nike allow consumers the option to customize products?

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    Nike does a great job of supplying the masses with colorful, fashionable sportswear, products, and shoes. It was perceived as being fashion forward at one point but it has since grown so large that most of the designs are mainstream and Nike is known for the good quality, functional styling. Real athletes and weekend warriors wear the gear. The shoes have been engineered for particular sports, are well tested,and have often been the object of desire based on what sport stars are wearing. To improve or create favorable attitudes among college students toward the Nike brand I would continue to support high school and college teams with Nike sponsorship and I would do more ...

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    This detailed solution outlines solution for Nike to create a favorable attitude among college students for their brand, and the question if one should focus more on affective, conative, or cognitive components. It also addresses why Nike allows consumers to customize their brands. It includes links and examples.