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Mass Customized Footwear

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Please help me to write a reserach narrative describing the mass customization of footwear and marketing addressing the following issues below.
1. What is a proposed title of your project? Describe the project you have in mind. What question(s) will be answered by your research??")
2. Why are you interested in pursuing this project? How will it benefit you?
3. How will the project benefit the field, your company, and/or another firm?
4. How will you gather information? Does it involve only extensive research from published sources? Does is also involve collecting primary data through focus groups, in-depth interviews, and/or a survey? If so, which research method will be used? How many people will be surveyed? Why will this method accomplish the research objectives?
5. What skills, knowledge, or classes are important for you to master in order to complete this project?

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of mass customization of footwear. The response also contains the sources used.

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Step 1:
Proposed Title and Description of the marketing research project;

The Title: The Market Potential of Mass Customized Footwear.

Description: Currently because of flexible computer aided footwear production it is possible to market Mass Customized Footwear. There is not much secondary information available about Mass Customized Footwear and it is necessary to understand the marketing variables that are necessary to make the Mass Customized Footwear a success. The study is required to answer the questions relating to:
1. What changes in footwear are commonly required by customers?
2. How to make Mass Customized Footwear attractive to customers?
3. What prices will the customers be willing to pay for customization?
4. Through what distribution channels are potential customers likely to buy Mass Customized Footwear?
5. How can the internet be used for selling Mass Customized Footwear?
6. What channels should be used for promoting Mass Customized Footwear?

Step 2:
Personal Interest

During the career I have worked in direct marketing and the footwear industry. The retail company I worked for had marketed products of Nike, Reebok, and Addidas. I am familiar with the strategies and tactics commonly used by shoe companies in marketing their products. I have promoted different lines of shoes for my employer. I ...

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