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    Brand Positioning Bulls-Eye

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    Identify the US Army brand and discuss the following elements of the its positioning bulls-eye:
    - brand mantra (or core brand promise)
    - major points of parity (POP) and points of difference (PODs), vs. brand competitors
    - brand substantiators (reasons to believe, or RTBs)
    -target consumer, and
    -ideal consumer takeaway, if brand's positioning efforts are successful.

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    //An effective and powerful brand strategy adopted by any organization helps in gaining customer loyalty and customer retention. In this context, the further discussion will focus on the Rocky brand used by the US army. The discussion will also put light on its core promises and the competencies that make it different from its competitors.//
    The main mantra of the Rocky footwear is to provide supreme comfort to the US Army and other athletes by incorporating varying features in the boots. The brand promises to bring versatility and flexibility in the military boots along with the highest level of protection (Rocky Brands, 2015).
    Among the various competitors like Wolverine Worldwide, Timberland, Woodland and Red Wing Shoe Company, the Rocky brand has maintained certain points of differences with them. The high walled Vibram 360 ...

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