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    Segmenting a Client Company's Market

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    How would you segment a client company's market(s)? How will you use this segmentation to further the company's business goals and how would you develop an effective entry and/or marketing strategy? (Be sure to focus on a company's product/service and buyer value).

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    First, identify the product and its value and use. Consider alternative uses for the product. Once you have an understanding of the product and what it is, what it is used for and any alternatives, you can decide what markets would most likely use the product. From those markets, decide which of the markets chosen would buy the product for its intended use. This is the main target market. After this is decided, move to the next most likely group to use the product, either for its intended use, or as an alternative to something already on the ...

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    This is a short review of how to segment and target markets and how this helps product marketing. How the expert will use segmentation to further a company's business goals and how to develop an effective entry and/or marketing strategy is determined.