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Developing Market-Oriented Strategies

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Segmenting and combining are two alternate approaches to developing market-oriented strategies. Which of the following statements concerning these approaches is true?

a. Combiners treat each submarket as a separate target market.
b. Segmenters try to develop a marketing mix that will have general appeal to several market segments.
c. A combiner looks at various submarkets for similarities rather than differences.
d. A segmenter assumes that the whole market consists of a fairly homogeneous group of customers.
e. Both segmenters and combiners try to satisfy some people very well rather than a lot of people fairly well.

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This solution helps with a problem regarding segmenting and combining two alternate approaches to developing market oriented strategies.

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Breaking this down: Combiners would combine markets not separate them which is what segmenting is. A segment is a portion of the population and target markets are segments of the market. ...

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