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Marketing-Oriented Company

From your internet readings and from personal and professional experiences, name one company that you believe is a marketing-oriented company and one company that is not a marketing-oriented company. In addition, respond in APA style why you think the companies that you choose fit each respective category.

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Company's orientation toward the market place is important because it guides the company's marketing efforts. Such an orientation is important in determining the degree of importance or weights that the company would give to the customers, to the organization, and to the society in deciding on the marketing strategies that would be utilized.

Marketing management orientations or philosophies are basically based on the assumptions of the marketers about buyers or consumers.

A marketer that assumes that buyers buy products because of its features and characteristics or its quality as a whole would be product- oriented. Strategies focus more continuously improving product features and its quality as whole because marketers assume that buyers will buy the product because of its quality and other attached features.

On the other hand, marketers who assume that buyers buy the product because it is ...

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The solution discusses whether one company is a marketing-oriented company.