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What support services do buyers of your product/service want and need? (This question pertains to Red Bull Energy Drink.)

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For Red Bull, the massive success of the company can be in large part attributed not to the taste of its product which many consider to be not so good, the brands success is through its strong support services it offers its buyers (Business Wire, 2010).
Red Bull provides many of the core "feel good" aspects of support services that loyal consumers and new customers alike are consistently drawn to. Unlike many of its competitors, Red Bull has been able to maintain an almost cult like following with its consumer base through providing services that cater to specific buyers in support of the brands overall philosophy. According to Red Bulls founder Mateschitz, Red Bull is "not so much a product for our consumers, it's a philosophy". He goes on to say, that at Red Bull, their company offers their buyers more than a tangible beverage product, he states, "Red Bull sells our buyers a lifestyle" (Hosea, 2011). And this is exactly what the buyers of Red Bull continue to expect out of their company. ...

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Marketing research that is focused on how to supply consumers with the support and services they desire most. The product used for this marketing example is Red Bull.

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