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    Christian Sneakers: Support Services

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    The company that is represented is Christian Shoes. Our product that we are marketing are Christian Sneakers. For sneakers, our main competitors are Nike and Addidas. Below is what I need help with. It needs to be in APA Format and at least 3 references.

    Describe what support services your firm's main competitor offers. Explain how those efforts affect its sales.
    Describe what post-sale service arrangements your firm must or should provide to handle repairs/services.

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    The support services offered by the firm's main competitor, Nike first relate to sales of shoes made to customers. The customer can shop online, obtain product information from the website, and receive information/make purchases on the Nike app. In addition, Nike provides direct support to its customers by enabling the customer to get order status. Further, the customer can obtain shipping and delivery details. The Nike support services allow customers to return shoes for full refund. In addition it also allows customers the ability to exchange shoes purchased from Nike for another pair after paying the difference in prices. Nike provides support via e-mail, chat, or phone.
    These effort affect the sales of Nike substantially, Support service of the type described above show the commitment of Nike to its customers, it also allows customers to place the problems they faced with the product, and provides Nike valuable feedback from customers. Support services of Nike are ...

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