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    Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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    I'm requesting help on these 2 questions. It has to be in APA format and have at least 3 references.
    Must be at least 600 word. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    For the second questions, the name of my company is Christian Shoes and the product that's of focus are Christian sneakers.

    Create examples of firms (any firm, in any industry) that successfully engage in socially responsible marketing.
    Explain specific suggestions you could provide for your firm to follow in order to be more socially responsible.


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    Solution Summary

    While companies aim for high level of business performance, they should also aim for high level of social presence and responsiveness. CSR initiatives take several forms - environmental efforts, philanthropy. volunteerism, ethical labor practices, and honesty & transparency in business dealings and operations. Successful companies have been known to be giving importance to fulfillment of social responsibility, not only to give something in return to the society but also for the attainment of their own sustainability.