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Costs and Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

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What are the costs and benefits of embracing the goal of corporate social responsibility? Is the emphasis on corporate social responsibility a trend that is likely to continue into the future or a fad that will pass with time?

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There are several costs and benefits when corporations pursue the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The main benefit is that the corporation is able to help in whatever area the initiatives are selected. This often equates to environmental benefits, internal benefits, and benefits to the community. The benefits also extend outward. Because the company is practicing CSR, it attracts additional investors, which means the company now has additional capital to work with, making it possible to expand their endeavors in areas of both operations ...

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This solution explains the main costs and benefits of corporate social responsibility. This solution also discusses if corporate social responsibility is a trend that will continue or if it is a fad that will likely fade.

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