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    Factors of corporate social responsibility

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    o Identify factors of corporate social responsibility.
    o Create a hypothetical code of ethics and explain how it incorporates social responsibility factors.
    o Discuss how the concept of sustainability fits into the theory of corporate social responsibility.

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    o Identify factors of corporate social responsibility.

    The main factors of corporate social responsibility include citizenship, which directly addresses the question, "what kind of citizen is our company?" as well as responsible business. The socially responsible business performs ethical, professional business transactions. They treat employees fairly, and produce a quality product or service. Companies that have excellent corporate social responsibility programs in-place thrive on doing well for not only their company, but more importantly, for the economy and the world around them. They add to the community, and they take up initiatives that allow for the betterment of the community. Many socially responsible companies have allocated portions of their budget and additional resources to global efforts, which increases both their CSR and their ...