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Website Analysis and Review: Nike.com

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Select a major company Web site to review, and establish critique criteria for your review. Some areas of emphasis for your critique include: the site design, usability, and business processes for the customer.

1. Select an e-business that is clearly established and operating on the Internet. A retail Web site, portal, or informational Web site would be excellent for this assignment.
2. Establish critique criteria, including customer service, products and services, and revenue sources.
3. Submit your selection (including the URL) and criteria for your instructor's approval, feedback, and suggestions.

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Dear Customer,

Nike.com: The website that has been chosen sports oriented people and also enthusiasts who prefer to customize and personalize all of their products (Johnson, G., Scholes, K. and Whittington, R., 2006). The website also aims at targeting internet enthusiasts who prefer using the internet as a medium to buy their products and services. The website is developed using flash which is very appropriately and effectively used.

Website Analysis: This site has all the elements that would make it a successful website. There is an instant appeal in the website, alongside with an excellent and easy navigation system (Beynon-Davies, 2004). The company has used simple yet excellent, with very good use of Flash, which provides a chance to increase the interactivity of the website.

Colours: The website uses excellent colours and textures throughout the website. Care has been taken at all levels of the website to ensure that the attractiveness is not compromised in the website. Colours that have been chosen are simple which do not take on a lot of the attention of the website (Beynon-Davies, 2004).

Design: The design used for ...

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The solution provides a detailed analysis of Nike.com. Here several different aspects of the website have been discussed, like colour, design, use of technology, and bandwidth sensitivity. Also, a list of references have been included for further reference.

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