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    Supply chain: Costumer Service on E-Commerce

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    Hi, I'm working on a presentation on a Supply Chain course. The presentation is about E-Commerce and Supply Chain. It contains four parts. The fourth part has the title; Costumer Service. Actually, I would like to get clear points, some explanations and examples.

    So, I need only one part of the presentation, which is "customer service".

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    Customer service plays a large role in whether an organization will maintain a lasting impression on consumers within the market place. Initially, organizations have one time to make a good impression on the consumer. The first impression has to be the best impression. Before the use of sophisticated state-of-the-art technology, consumers determined their commitment to an organization based on face-to-face interaction where consumers could engage in eye contact or a handshake to initiate a purchase with customer service representatives. Consequently customer service leaves much to be desired. For example, United States organizations often outsource jobs to foreign countries to handle an overwhelming workload which consists of customer support services in which customer service representatives are needed to answer consumer questions, etc. From a managerial perspective, outsourcing jobs for customer support are beneficial to the organization for cost effectiveness and performance. However from a consumer perspective individuals who possess strong accents may be difficult for the average consumer to understand thus contributing to communication barriers, which ultimately reduces a consumers level of satisfaction with an organization. For example, I called an organization. The customer service representative had a strong accent that made it extremely difficult to comprehend what she was saying. In addition to incoherent speech the representative was reading from a script at a rapid pace, and failed to listen to what I was saying as a customer. The experience overall was a one-way form of communication in which the representative was more focused on completing her script over the phone that she neglected to listen to my issue which was problematic for the reason that I had to keep repeating myself. Eventually I was able to get my problem solved however it was no easy task.

    In a recent study conducted by Accenture regarding the effects of customer service management (CRM) in technological organizations they conclude that effective customer service contributes various success factors including, improved employee performance, loyal customers, and profitability. E-commerce organizations created a platform that requires management to implement a more comprehensive approach to customer service. Several years ago customer service was ...

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    Customer service on e-commerce supply chain is examined.