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    E-commerce Supply Chain Strategies

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    What e-commerce related supply chain strategies have been deployed? What have been some of the practical consequences of these supply chain decisions both positive and negative. How have these decisions potentially affected customer satisfaction for the organization?

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    Supply Chain Strategies for E-commerce
    Product Sourcing: Under this strategy, an e-commerce company locates or identifies the sources of products for selling products without any need of manufacturing (Qin, 2010).
    Drop Shipping: This strategy involves the process of receiving customer orders and transferring them to another company that fulfills the orders by shipping the products directly to customers on behalf of an e-commerce firm (Daniel, 2011).
    Agile Supply Chains: This strategy is based on the concepts of rapid service punctuality. It always focuses to avoid costly inventories by ending with major discounts (Bidgoli, 2010).
    Responsive Supply Chains: Key goal of this strategy is to facilitate delivery of products at right time, choice and ...

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    This response discusses some of the supply chain strategies that have been deployed in the E-commerce. Practical consequences of these strategies are also discussed. Also, it is analysed how these decisions potentially affected customer satisfaction for the organization.