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This discuses the scalability of an e-Business IT infrastructure, internet-based technologies to automate the supply chain, strategic opportunities for e-Commerce enabled supply chains.

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Why is scalability important in building an e-Business IT infrastructure?
This issue deals with e-business; e-business is a strategy, which uses technology to achieve business goals. I

The scalability will help in reducing cost because of economies of scale achieved by it.It will help in improving efficiency and increase in profits.

How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain?
"A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products, and the distribution of these finished products to customers. Supply chains exist in both service and manufacturing organizations, although the complexity of the chain may vary greatly from industry to industry and firm to firm." By Terry Harison.

The major challenges of supply chain management are:

? Making products or services available in a cost-effective manner with the desired quality.
? Making sure information is available easily to run the supply chain.

For achieving this, the suppliers have to be integrated through the Internet and Intranet platform.
It will help in seamless integration of demand meeting the supply by extranet. Extranet- can be defined as "a business to business intranet that allows limited, controlled, secure access between a company's intranet and designated, authenticated users from remot locations" (Bort & Felix) or alternately as "an intranet that allows controlled access by authenticated parties" (Bayles).

The relation between Intranets , Extranets and E-Commerce has three parts. First, intranets, extranets and e-commerce have in common the use of internet (predominantly web) protocols to connect business users. Second, intranets are more localized and can therefore move data faster than more distributed extranets. (Bandwidth limitations also apply to e-commerce).Third, the amount of control that network managers can exert over users is different for the three technologies.
E-markets are able to reduce costs because of two phenomena associated closely with their functioning- standardization and disaggregation. E-markets standardize and streamline many painful and time-consuming processes and procedures like product development, account information ...

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Scalability important in building an e-Business IT infrastructure? How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain?

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