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External constraints for e-Business

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What are the external constraints when starting an e-Business?

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External constraints for e-Business are considered.

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Companies must first define the critical business issues that need to be solved and come up with a plan to solve them. This plan should take into consideration reasonable predictions about what their competition will be doing, what the market shifts will be and what will be happening with CRM software and technology.

The plan should address:
1. Critical business issues and their impacts.
2. What it means to deliver effective customer service and relationship management for the company's customers and environment.
3. Customer-centric business strategies.
4. Internal changes that must be done (organization culture, business processes, customer service training, etc.).
5. Priorities.
6. Customer/Market data that must be gathered (how it is to be gathered, how it is to be used and analyzed, etc.).
7. How customer demand is to be integrated into the overall business.
8. Resource/Financial issues (budget, ROI, staffing, skills, timing, etc.).
9. Critical timeline.

Once this plan is done, companies can then determine which technologies will best meet their needs, and develop a plan to select and implement these technologies

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