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Apply the theory of Constraints to your own work

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Apply the theory of Constraints to your own working environment (past or present). Explain why your organization does not have unlimited resources (space, inventory, product line, etc). Explain why there are always limits to what your organization can do.

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Your tutorial is 326 words and explains the theory, gives an example from my life, explains why constraints are a fact of life for business and why there are limitations in every business.

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Apply the theory of Constraints to your own working environment (past or present).

The theory of constraints basically claims that your production, in the short-run, is limited by a number of constraints (and there is always at least one constraint). The way you manage this is by keeping the bottleneck operation busy and subordinating everything else to that.

My biggest constraint is class time. I only have so much of it and I can't get anymore. So, I "off load" certain tasks to non-class time. For instance, I don't hand out class activities or notes or make announcements ...

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