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    Discussion of the Theory of Constraints

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    Hi, I need some assistance with the following question:

    Question: In your own words, explain the 'Theory of Constraints'. As part of your answer, be sure to mention the basic assumptions underlying it, strengths of the method, and the weaknesses of the method.

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    The Theory of Constraints is a method of continuous process improvements used to identify the most important factor that prohibits the achievement of a goal and then regularly improves that constraint until it is no longer an issue in order achieve the most efficient flow of material. There are several basic assumptions underlying this methodology. First, the theory proposes that a company is a "chain" of interdependent links in which some may have greater performance potential which cannot be realized because of a weak link. It also suggests that every company has at least one external or internal constraint. Another underlying assumption of the Theory of Constraints is that ...

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    The solution explains the 'theory of constraints' and includes the basic assumptions underlying it as well as strengths and weaknesses or the method. The explanation contains 434 words of text.