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    Supply chain management effects on e-commerce

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    * - Discuss the affects of Supply Chain Management will have on e-commerce for Baderman Island.

    * - How will Supply Chain Management influence customers' perceived value of Baderman's products and services from both a B2B and B2C aspect.

    * - Identify what will Supply Chain Management's effect have on the common marketing mix for customers in the B2B and B2C e-commerce models. Make sure to identify the ways money will be moved for Baderman Island's e-commerce

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    Supply chain of a company involves the transference of products and services from the producers to the ultimate consumers. The supply chain process involves the conversion of raw materials into finished goods, resources and technology involved in producing the products or services along with the human resource and the policies for distribution (Ganeshan & Harrison, 1995). The supply chain of the company focuses on attaining the operational goals and objectives of the organization. The strategic decisions of the company for the management of supply chain should focus on the production, distribution and transportation of the products of the company (Mentzer, 2001).

    With the help of Supply chain management, Baderman Island would be able to effectively attain its operational goals and objectives with the assistance of its strategic decision making framework (Swenson, n.d.). Baderman's production, distribution and logistics departments are based on the strategic, operational and tactical decision making. The operational goals and objectives of the company includes: maintenance of data, fulfillment of order, raising profitability, distribution and effective procurement. After evaluating the supply chain, it can be interpreted that Baderman Island effectively meets its operational goals and objectives (Snow, 2007).

    Supply chain management also affects the e-commerce business model of any organization. By means of the following paper, I am going to analyze the various parameters that are associated with the B2B and B2C business model to enhance the perception of the customers in a positive way regarding the delivery of service at Baderman Island.

    In order to achieve the economies of scale in this highly changing and competitive environment and maintain the efficiency supply chain management has become more integral and essential for the business organizations. It is an important part of e-marketing to enhance the organization's productivity. It enhances the relationship of the suppliers and vendors to develop strong dependability on each other. E-commerce and supply chain management comprises an effective process of e-business marketing strategies (Yao, Dresner & Palmer, 2002). Both the concepts are directly related to each other and both affect each other impact on the organization.

    Baderman Island is one of the biggest manmade islands. The success of this island is mainly based on the connectivity with the customers and other hotels, clubs and resorts available in the island. E-commerce help the business destination to form relationship and dependability on each other and supply chain management enhance capabilities of e-commerce to manage the distribution of services on time (E-business and supply chain management, 2009).

    The main objective of supply chain is to serve highest satisfaction to the customer (Chopra & Meindl, 2001). Supply chain management decision is taken at three level that are tactical level, operation level and strategic level. There are five basics elements of a supply chain management system-plan, source, make, deliver, and return, which ultimately assist the Baderman Island to provide fast and better services to the customer through e-commerce (Gattorna, 2003). Compatibility between e-commerce and supply chain management should be in the business firm to enhance the experience of the customer. On the basis of ...

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    The supply chain management effects on e-commerce is examined.