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    Nike: Marketing & Relationship Management on Web

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    Choose a company large company website i.e. Wal-Mart or NIke:

    1. How do these websites help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? List the website(s) that you previewed and give examples to support your answers. Who are the stakeholders that the company serves in your examples?

    2. How can a company's website reflect its market segments and target market? What are the characteristics of the target market from the website you reviewed?

    3. Are comments from customers received by the website? How is this accomplished? If so, how does this affect the company's attempt to build positive relationships with its customers? If not, how are relationships affected?

    4. References.

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    I chose the Nike website (www.nike.com). The website helps the company strengthen its relationships with stakeholders by using the site as a marketing tool to show off the company's newest products. For instance, the landing page is a series of four rotating advertisements, one for the Nike+ Fuel band (activity measurer), another for the Nike Free Flyknit (running shoe), another for the Hyperdunk (basketball shoe), and one for Dry Knit (clothing). This helps the company connect with users in the company's major categories of shoes, clothing and accessories, as well as in running, basketball, and sports in general. The Nike.com website is easy to navigate, breaking the selection up by ...

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    This detailed solution looks at how Nike's websites strengthens its relationships with stakeholders, how Nike's websites reflects its market segments and target market (and their characteristics), and how customer comments are received on website and if this serves to build a positive relationship with customers. Includes APA formatted references.