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Control mechanisms used in NIKE Corporation

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Identify four types of control mechanisms (ways controls are applied) used in Nike Corporation.

Unsure of what the control mechanisms are.

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Control Mechanisms used in Nike Corporation

Control mechanism refers to the actions or programs that are adopted by the firms to regulate the business process, operations, etc. to restrain the irregular behavior that helps to minimize errors and problems at the workplace (Atkinson & Young, 2008). Nike is one of the largest sportswear and equipment supplier companies that belong to the US (Nike Team, 2011). The firm uses various control mechanism to control and regulate its operation and marketing activities in all over world market. These control mechanism are as follow:

Outsourcing of Production function: Nike outsources production functions from different countries to manufacture its products such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, etc. that supports the ...

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The solution discusses the four types of control mechanisms used in Nike Corporation.