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    Marketing Intelligence and Research at Nike

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    I need some good directional help. I thought I had it but not fully any help will be great. I have to analyze today's feedback and evaluation strategies of the Nike Athletic Shoe Company.

    The analysis ahas to include:
    a. An evaluation of current research techniques used.
    b. An evaluation of current organization research and evaluation management within the company.
    c. An evaluation of current marketing intelligence systems for feedback.
    d. Recommendations for feedback and evaluation strategies.

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    Research Techniques used by Nike
    - Nike uses a lot the biomechanics research while production of its shoes identifying the way the human foot moves and the build and shape of the feet and the pressure it handles in the able guidance of Research Director of Nike Sports Research Lab Mr. Jeff Pisciotta (Shannon, 2012: 28 April).
    - Indepth Interviews have also been used to do a qualitative research on studying the working conditions at Nike's factories by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management (Wong, 2011: 30 July).
    - Although Nike uses focus group research, it does not rely too much on it as Vice president of Innovation at Nike, Tinker Hattfield, believes that focus groups create an unreal environment (Eckoff, 2007: n.d).
    - Nike used an Experimental Research technique with Pre-Test Post-Test Control Group Design which was used as is evident from the fact that the independent product prototypes were tested wherein a control group and experimental group were formed wherein in control group, 30 men and 23 women were used who used their regular personal training shoes and experimental group used Nike shoes and before the start of the test, the people in both control group and experimental groups were tested on certain physical parameters and after regular running by both the groups, it was observed that there was no improvement in running capabilities of those who wore their personal shoes and there was an improvement in these capabilities by 10-15% in those who were wearing Nike shoes (Eder, 2004: n.d).

    Current Organization Research and Evaluation Management within the company
    - Nike has created its own Nike Sports research Lab which focuses on innovation and has also been referred to as Kitchen Innovation Lab (Shannon, 2012: 28 April). This innovation lab ...

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    The solution explains briefly the present research techniques used by Nike along with its evaluation strategies and marketing intelligence systems with reference to Nike in light of certain facts.